About Us

gatheredgatheredWe Are Gathered

We believe that Christ is calling us together in faith and we believe that it is our faith in God that transforms our lives. Of course, how this looks is different for each of us, but in an ever-increasingly complex world, it is in God that we find the strength, the power, and the grace to see how Jesus is at work, making changes both in us personally and in the lives of those around us.

We are people of faith who believe God is speaking into the world right now. We pray together. We sing together. We worship together. We love together. 

sentsentWe Are Sent

We believe that God isn’t calling us into lives of faith because Jesus is some narcissistic being who needs to be needed. Rather we believe that Jesus is calling us into lives of faith because together he is empowering us to care for the world.

Trinity is not bound by the walls of its building – but rather our work of faith really begins when we leave church. Jesus’ radical love for us inspires our radical love for our communities. Feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, fighting hate, rejecting violence, and ensuring the needs of the poor are engaged aren’t just words for us, but daily practices.

Ways We Serve

We believe that without faith to guide us, we are just added noise in a world already full of turmoil and confusion. But we also believe that the words of Jesus can change the world. By the grace of God, we are called into something bigger than ourselves – a life of love. And we believe love wins.